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Welcome to my photography website! My name is Jitka and I was born in the heart of Europe – Czech Republic.  I have created this web to represent myself and my balancing between the two biggest passions of mine – traveling and photography.

The traveling part is on and off since I was 15 and it quickly became an addiction. Being able to see the diversity of this world, getting to know different cultures, unique lives out there, breathtaking views, and enjoy endless options for exploring. One of my first biggest trips lead to Mexico and Virgin Islands where I really enjoyed the Caribbean Sea and tropical nature for several months, but the biggest passion I found when I and my partner temporarily moved to Canada and started exploring the mountains. That’s when I found out that this is what drives me the most, and where my heart beats the happiest – mountains, turquoise lakes, forests, stunning glaciers, dynamic waterfalls – just us and pure wilderness. The only problem with traveling is that the more you see, the longer your bucket list is… 🙂

​After Canada we lived in New Zealand for a couple of months, exploring beautiful fjords and rainforests on countless hikes, and then we went straight to Iceland that quickly took our hearts. We felt like on another planet. Many places there were just out of this world. Lava fields, active volcanoes, or the sleeping ones that just showed us a historic imprint of dramatic events that affected life on the planet, endless waterfalls, huge glaciers with beautiful blue ice caves, or several geothermal areas where you could feel the breath of Earth. And of course, hoards of raindeers or humpback whales, or simply cute puffins! I could continue with a much longer list, but all of this just needs to be explored by everyone as a personal experience.

​After Iceland, we went through the Faroe Islands to Norway where we found a place to live in Lofoten Islands above the Arctic Circle. It seems that the rough north is destined for us so far! Living here is so unique! Midnight sun during summer months and polar night during winter. And yes, of course, all that emotions that are rising when northern lights are dancing… We can’t get enough of this beauty. 🙂

Traveling goes hand in hand with photography, so this is a big part of me too. Enjoy my photo gallery that is focusing especially on landscapes and northern lights, and contact me if you have any comments or questions. 🙂

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