I have been listening to so many amazing stories about Canada from my friends that lived in different parts for several years, that it made me want to come and experience that on my own. It took me many years to finally make the first steps, and with the support, willingness, and excitement of my partner, we decide to leave everything and go. We choose Banff National Park to be our home for 2 summer seasons as well as Vancouver Island to become our winter season destination. For the summer we lived in the heart of the Canadian Rockies that cause a deep falling in love for hiking and scrambling. Many trails and many hiking options mean you can have the mountains just for yourself, at least you feel like that. Getting to the top and standing there has some special magic that drags you into these places. We could spend decades exploring the possibilities over there. For Vancouver Island, I am sure summer must be perfect there but winter was pretty awesome too! We were amazed by the rainforest and really high trees that even Sequoia NP in the USA didn’t feel that impressive after seeing those on Vancouver Island. Beautiful cliffs, many little islands, and these rainforests made this an unforgettable experience.